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We take coffee seriously

Did you know that we consume over 2 billion cups of coffee every day. In fact coffee is so important to us that boffins have now sequenced the genome of the common coffee plant -Robusta.

The scientists discovered that Robusta has so many ways to make caffeine and that this may have been a defense mechanism producing a bitter taste to prevent it being eaten by creepie crawlies. Fortunately roasting removes this bitterness making for a tasty beverage. 

We use an excellent local coffee supplier who roasts beans in Surbiton.  Its a classic Italian blend giving a stong mocha flavour and excellent crema.

Its consistently smooth and distinctive whether in espressos, flat whites, lattes or cappuccinos.




We take food seriously

We receive a freshly baked bread order every morning from an excellent local Italian bakery allowing us to construct various delicious breakfast and lunch options including a wide selection of freshly made sandwiches, ciabattas, baguettes, bagels and panini.


Our internal van oven allows us to serve hot food including: panini, traditional Cornish pasties; steak slices; homemade puff pastry sausage rolls and bacon & cumberland sausage baps.


In addition we offer various homemade cakes and other savoury snacks cooked from scratch.

Firm cake favorites include cranberry and salted caramel brownies, carrot cake, coffee and walnut, various muffins and cinnamon buns. On the savoury side try out our homemade meatball ciabatta, poached eggs, sausage & eggs muffins and hot chilli quesidillas.

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